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Curriculum Vitae

Meredith McClanen, ND

Objective:   To participate as a key practitioner in a neighborhood naturopathic clinic.

Summary of qualifications:  Trained in a 4-year graduate medical program to diagnose and treat disease.  Extensive work experience in day to day administrative function of health care practice.  Hold current medical licensure in State of Oregon.  Current DEA registration with primary care prescribing rights.


2006                   National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR

Naturopathic Doctor

In depth clinical experience with working knowledge of physical and laboratory analysis, development of treatment protocol and application of naturopathic  as well as allopathic  therapeutics.

      Areas of Emphasis:

Mental Health – Supervisor: Audrey Bergsma, N.D. Homestreet Clinic, Hillsboro, OR.  General healthcare for patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, post-partum depression, multiple personality disorder.

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Health – Supervisor: Martin Milner, N.D.  Center for Natural Medicine, Portland, OR.  Developed skills related to CV and Pulmonary health including EKG, treadmill stress testing, and lung function.

Endocrinology - Supervisor: Martin Milner, N.D.  Center for Natural Medicine, Portland, OR.  Ordered diagnostic testing and prescribed biologically identical hormones and nutritional supplementation for patients with thyroid and sex hormone imbalances.

Environmental Medicine - Supervisor: Virginia Osborne, N.D.  Tigard Holistic Health Center, Tigard, OR. Learned protocols and practiced I.V. therapy to patients with a variety of disorders including Lyme’s Disease, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Cancer.

Integrative Medicine – Preceptorships with a variety of practitioners including allopathic, naturopathic and chiropractic physicians in order to more fully understand the philosophy in each profession.

1996                                                          University of Denver, Denver, CO

Bachelor of Arts             

Majored in Biology and minored in Religious Studies.

Professional Experience

2006-Present                               Naturopathic Family Medicine, Portland, OR

Naturopathic Physician

Currently manage my own private practice with a focus on primary care patient case management.  Experience working with children, adults and elderly.  Majority of current caseload involves managing endocrine imbalances, mental health disorders, and chronic illness.  Responsible for daily financials, marketing and inventory control.

2009–Present                       Oregon School of Massage, Portland, OR              

Classroom Instructor

Didactic instructor delivering curriculum based lecture in pathology with sensitivity to a variety of learning styles.  Key team member in thoroughly updating and rewriting existing pathology curriculum. 

2002-2006                                       Meredith McClanen, LMT, Portland, OR

Licensed Massage Therapist

Private practice specializing in Swedish relaxation, positional release techniques and energy work.

1997-1998                               Maximum Potential Chiropractic, Littleton, CO

Office Manager

Responsible for administrative aspects of private practice including patient scheduling, billing, collections, accounts payable and performing physical medicine modalities.


1993-1997           Mission Trace Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Thornton, CO

Office Manager

Responsible for administrative aspects of private practice including patient recruitment,  scheduling, billing, collections, accounts payable and physical medicine modalities; graphed, analyzed and reported statistics regarding clinic growth; participated in interviewing and hiring. 

1994-1995                            Centrum Surgical Center, Englewood, CO

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Responsible for all accounts receivable.  Participated in establishing administrative procedures for new ambulatory surgical center. 

Skills and Other Certifications

2002                                 Oregon School of Massage Therapy, Portland, OR

Certified Massage Therapist:  Experiential education in massage therapy with clinical rotation.

2000                      Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, Boulder, CO

Certified Herbalist:  Intensive training in medicinal herbal application and medicine making.

1991                                       Concorde Career Institute, Denver, CO

Certified Medical Assistant:  Learned to assist physicians in a medical practice.

Other: 7 years experience with I.V. insertion, phlebotomy and injection therapies academically and professionally.  Ability to easily interact with a variety of personality types.  Proficient with MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, and QuickBooks Pro.  Utilized many, various medical software applications.  Able to quickly learn new software applications. 

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