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Oregon Vaccination Laws

New laws effective March 1, 2014

Dear patients,
If you have found your way to this page, you have likely heard that vaccination laws in Oregon have changed, effective March 1, 2014 and will affect school children for the 2014-15 school year. Essentially, for those parents and guardians who wish to exempt from any or all vaccinations, for non-medical reasons, you must submit certification that they have been educated about the risks. Information to help you navigate these changes are contained here in this website. In an attempt to remain unbiased, I am including two ways in which you can easily comply with these new laws.

You can choose to:

1) Download and read the document I wrote titled "Current Vaccine Position Paper" which states reasons to consider vaccinating or not vaccinating an individual child. I developed these "positions" after an extensive course that discusses the risks and severity of each disease, treatment options for each disease, and vaccination protocols for each disease to include immunological response, effectiveness and safety. I review this paper on a regular basis to incorporate new understanding I have about vaccines from attending yearly continuing education seminars on the topic. Bring a copy of this paper to an office visit with your child for a brief exam and we will discuss your family's individual risk factor and likely indications for or against each vaccination. I will then sign an official "Vaccine Education Certificate" that you can file at your child's school to complete compliance with the new laws. This option will take 30-60 minutes in the office with your child, dependant on how many questions you have.


2) Follow the link provided here to the Oregon Health Authority website to complete an on-line vaccine education module, at the end of which you will have an opportunity to print out a completed "Vaccine Education Certificate". You can then file this certificate with your child's school to comply. You will not be required to make an appointment with any physician to discuss you choice. This option will take from 15-60 minutes depending on your exemption choices. The link is below, choose the option "For parents: Vaccine Education Module":

As always, I am here to support your family in the choices you make for your health.
Please do not hesitate to call or email with further questions.

In health,

Dr. McClanen


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